On June 6, Karl Lagerfeld introduced his first line of glassware in Paris, France in partnership with Swedish specialists Orrefors.

The crystal collection ranges from $131 for a champagne flute to $1,600 for a large vase.  Lagerfeld states that is collection is not like cheap perfume bottles, when talking about the price of the items.

This new line of glassware is just one for the many things the Chanel designer has worked on in the industry.  Lagerfeld worked with Coca-Cola on a new type of bottle.  The limited edition bottles included the Coca-Cola logo and Lagerfeld's famous silhouette -- him with a pony-tail and a high collared shirt.

The coke bottles bottles, which are only available in France, went out on the market costing $63.  $63 for a bottle of Coke?  But, hey at least you get a free matching bottle opener with it.