A lot happened on Season 5, episode 14 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Security had to separate a few fights, Amber Priddy got hit in the face with a pillow and Karlie Redd got a fake proposal. Tammy Rivera also opened up a little more about her relationship issues with husband Waka Flocka Flame.

Monday’s episode picks up with Lyfe Jennings and Karlie Redd sitting outside on a bench discussing their relationship. In last week’s episode, Karlie confronted her (sort of) boyfriend about rumors he’s married. Lyfe explains that it’s just gossip, but tells Karlie that he knows she’s been sneaking behind his back with Scrapp DeLeon. Lyfe then pulls out a gorgeous diamond ring and tells Karlie that it’s for her. Karlie thinks Lyfe is proposing and literally falls off the bench onto the ground. When she gets back up the singer tells her that it’s not an engagement ring. “This is a promise ring and I promise you, you’ll never find another man like me,” Lyfe tells her. “You can have this ring, but you can’t have me.” It turns out Karlie’s “proposal” is a breakup. Lyfe gets up and walks away and Karlie runs after him asking him to give her another chance but he thinks it’s best they go their separate ways.

Speaking of separating, Tammy Rivera tells Bambi that she and Waka Flocka Flame decided to separate so they can sort out their marriage issues. Tammy explains that they aren’t divorcing — and she hopes they don’t ever divorce — but admits that the rapper has a lot of growing up to do. Tammy also asks Bambi to help her move out of the home she shares with Waka. At Tammy’s fashion show for her swimsuit line, Rasheeda asks about Waka and Tammy breaks down in tears while telling her friend about their split. Tammy and Waka’s mom, Deb Antney, also share a moment and cry over the breakup.

Even though things are emotional at Tammy’s fashion show, Lil Scrappy shows up with flowers for Bambi because he’s trying to win her back. Bambi admits she misses him but says the pretty roses aren’t going to fix their problems. Scrappy is ready to put the past behind them and move on, but Bambi isn’t quite ready to take him back yet.

Also during the episode, Karlie gets into a screaming match with Tiarra over her relationship with Scrapp DeLeon. At Stevie J’s pool party Karlie tells Jessica Dime and Tiarra about Lyfe’s fake proposal and then tells Tiarra that she’s been hooking up with her baby daddy, Scrapp. Tiarra gets annoyed and the two ladies start arguing. They both jump up out of their chairs ready to fight but security steps in to keep them apart. Tiarra tosses Karlie’s purse into the pool, and the security guards walk Karlie out of the party. Jessica Dime also has to be escorted out of the bash because she attacks Joseline Hernandez. Even though Joseline and Stevie aren’t together, they were putting on a united front. Jessica, however, reminds Joseline that she’s never been Stevie’s wife and security makes her leave because she won’t calm down.

Later in the episode Tiarra gets into yet another fight, this time with Amber Priddy, over her relationship with Amber’s ex-boyfriend J Nicks. During the episode Yung Joc told J Nicks that he was sleeping with Amber and instead of J Nicks getting mad at his friend, he’s happy. J Nicks explains that the hookup gives him a reason to leave Amber and pursue a relationship with Tiarra. To let Amber know he’s moved on J Nicks says he’s going to bring Tiarra to Amber’s launch party for her makeup collection. When Amber spots them at the party she gets angry and starts going off on her ex-boyfriend. Tiarra jumps into the argument and hits Amber in the face with a pillow. Amber tries to lunge at Tiarra but security blocks her attempts to hit Tiarra.