Karrueche Tran believes that her relationship with Chris Brown was built on a lie and was bound to come to an end. Tran’s close friend told Hollywood Life that the “Loyal” singer was still in love with his former girlfriend, Rihanna, when he started dating the 27-year-old model.

Brown began a relationship with Tran by telling her that everything was over between him and Rihanna. However, Tran suspected him of lying to her about Rihanna but she never focused on Brown's actions, according to the source. Tran broke up with Brown in March after she discovered that he fathered a child with model Nia Guzman.

“When Karrueche first got with Chris, he told her that he and Rihanna were over,” Tran’s friend told Hollywood Life, adding: "He told Karrueche everything a girl wants to hear.

“Chris mislead Karrueche from the get go,” the source reportedly said. “He made her fall in love with him. She doesn’t regret that. But now, she sees Chris for who he really is: a lying, manipulative little boy who shows no signs of maturing.”

A source told Hollywood Life that Tran had always "felt it in her gut" that Brown had lied to her about his relationship with Rihanna, "but he was so smooth telling her everything to the contrary."

"There were times when he was so obvious with it. He’d be texting back and forth with Rihanna, but Chris told her it ‘wasn’t anything serious,’" the source said. “In hindsight, these were little clues she should have really focused in on. But it became crystal clear to Karrueche years ago, when they had a big breakup in 2012, and he just so magically got back together with Rihanna. Karrueche should have been done with Chris then. But, she kept drinking the juice he was giving her. This time, however, her stomach had enough!”

Brown and Rihanna were seen together as recently as the 2013 Grammy Awards. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, Rihanna had admitted that Brown was her first love.

Since his split with Tran in March, Brown has been trying to get back with Tran, who, in a recent Instagram post, said that her relationship with Brown ended because of his "lack of loyalty."