It’s been almost a year and a half since Karrueche Tran left Chris Brown after he fathered a child behind her back, and since then the California native has done quite well for herself.  

Since that much publicized split, Tran, 28, has scored a number of modeling gigs and acting jobs, and even launched her own beauty line with ColourPop, called KaePop. In addition, her net worth is now $500,000, according to CelebrityNetWorths.

In an interview with Kode magazine, Tran was asked about her successes and how she feels when people say it has everything to do with Brown and their former relationship. “I have nothing to say to anyone who has anything negative to say,” she replied.  Afterwards, Tran was questioned about social media and what she thought of it. If you weren't aware, she has over 5 million followers on Instagram, who all seem to support and criticize her in equal measure.

“I have a love, hate relationship with social media,” said Tran. “I love it, because it’s built a platform for many people and many business … However, there is a dark side which is negative and hateful. I think it’s awesome to have social media as a platform to progress and build. Of course, using it in the most positive and genuine way.”

This isn’t the first time the young renaissance woman has been asked about Brown’s influence on her career. In October she sat down with BBC’s Newsbeat and talked about separating herself from all the negative stories that’s come from dating him.

“I used to date him, and now as I am growing into myself and maturing and getting my career together, I am starting to have my own name without having to be associated,” Tran explained. “Negative stuff was being said and being brought up. A lot of people were like ‘She’s only famous because of Chris Brown.’”

In that same conversation, the “Nice Guys” actress said at times it would be hard for her to book jobs, because some people considered her weak for getting back with Brown after having so many public disputes.

“A lot of people think I am a weak individual because of past situations and when it comes to business sometimes people don’t want to be involved with somebody like that,” she said. “Which is understandable, but it s--ks, because I’m not a weak person.”

Despite Tran booking multiple jobs since splitting with Brown and developing her own name and brand, she still hasn’t been able to avoid arguments with him. In March, after the controversial singer got into a spat with Tran’s manager, he questioned her level of talent and told her he’s responsible for her popularity.

“Ok, miss Tran,” wrote Brown, in a now-deleted message shared by Music Times. “I wish you the most successful career ever, but I promise you this: Once this talent you have starts to simmer, so will everyone else including Jacob. All of your famous friends know you how?”

In regards to the R&B star saying Tran has famous friends, she actually told Kode magazine that she’s had the same circle of girlfriends for years. “It’s a great feeling to have genuine friends who I have known since high school,” she stated. “It’s kind of rare, actually, and I love it. “Longevity in friendship is very important and one of the keys to the foundation of a happy life.”