After their rocky appearance on the “Today” show on Thursday, Kate Gosselin didn’t hold back in expressing her disappointment over her twin daughters' lack of words during their interview, Radar Online reports.

A show insider revealed that all was well before Mady and Cara hit the show's set, according to the site. However, once the live segment began, they appeared to be overwhelmed by the production.

“Kate and the girls were very talkative, but the girls were definitely sleepy. Cara and Mady’s manners were impeccable and they chatted with producers before the segment,” the source told Rader Online. “But as soon as the girls got on the set, their mood immediately changed. It was obvious to anyone watching they simply froze on camera.”

Following the awkward exchange between the girls and their mother, the source added, the 38-year-old Kate questioned her daughter Cara about why she struggled during the interview.

“She kept asking what happened and she simply shrugged her shoulders,” the source said. “This seemed to make Kate even angrier and she rolled her eyes to onlookers nearby.”

During their appearance on the "Today" show, the 13-year-olds were supposed to speak on the normalcy of their upbringing despite growing up as part of a hit reality show. But when interviewer Savannah Guthrie attempted to question the girls about growing up since their show’s end, they continually refused to answer her questions and even glared at their mother until she fed them lines to say.

Kate took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon in an attempt to explain her daughter’s silence. She tweeted:

“Thanks to @TODAYshow for having Cara, Mady and me on the show today! 1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless :)”