A photograph of Kate Gosselin, who captured headlines through TLC’s 'Jon & Kate Plus 8,' making a slant-eyed gesture has landed the reality show personality in a controversy.

The photograph, in which Gosselin appears to be mocking Asians, was tweeted out by Twitter user Katie Deen from an account that appears to be newly created.

In the picture, Gosselin sports a Geisha-inspired headpiece, and she is seen pulling back the skin around her eyes to create a slant-eyed look. "@Kateplusmy8 Makes fun of Asians with 8 half Korean children," the caption reads.

The 38-year-old mother of eight is wearing her wedding ring in the picture, suggesting that the snap was taken prior to her 2009 divorce from husband Jon Gosselin, who is half-Korean.

Gosselin is currently preparing to sue her former husband, and his friend Robert Hoffman, who authored a tell-all book titled ‘Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.’ Kate said that the book was written using information that was illegally obtained from her personal computer, and shortly after, it was taken off Amazon, according to Radar Online.

Hoffman had mentioned the slant-eyed photograph in the book, writing:

“I’ll bet that Kate wishes that she hadn’t been photographed making a ‘slant-eye’ pose with a big smile on her face though. Kate Gosselin has eight part-Asian children. Her ex-husband Jon is half Korean. Is it ok for Kate to do something like that?

“Ask Miley Cyrus. She did the same thing in February of 2009 and it didn’t go over to (sic) well with the public,” Hoffman wrote, according to Radar Online.