After an incredibly racist photo of Kate Gosselin surfaced on the Internet, the reality TV mother who rose to fame on "Jon and Kate Plus 8" has explained the image on her blog, but not exactly apologized. According to the mother of eight half-Asian children, it was a personal photo that was never supposed to be released.

In the image, Gosselin has a geisha-inspired hat on, is pulling back her eyes and smiling. The 38-year-old described the image as a “happy memory.” She was still married at the time to her husband Jon, who is a Korean-American.

She said the two were opening up some fan mail together when they opened up the “Asian dress wig.” According to Gosselin, the two were goofing around and trying to do their best Asian impression. “Naturally, I slanted my eyes,” she said, “Which made him smile.”

“I married an Asian. I have eight biracial children, therefore I’m quite certain that I’m the last person that could be called a racist,” she said. Then Gosselin spoke about her children, “They are absolutely perfect just the way they are. God loves each of us equally. We are each created perfectly in His eyes. In this family, we don’t see color or preference, we see qualities and hearts.”

Instead of taking responsibility for the pictures, she said they were stolen: “Those photos taken on my phone were later uploaded to be saved on the home computer … the same source of other private information that was taken and has since been made public, without my consent.”

Gosselin is currently suing her ex-husband and his friend Robert Hoffman, who wrote the book “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.” She maintains the information in the book was illegally taken from her computer, and the volume has been taken off Amazon, according to Radar Online.

The news site quoted a clip from Hoffman’s book where he apparently addressed the “Asian impression” photo: “I’ll bet that Kate wishes that she hadn’t been photographed making a ‘slant-eye’ pose with a big smile on her face though. Kate Gosselin has eight part-Asian children. Her ex-husband Jon is half Korean. Is it ok for Kate to do something like that?”