Reports surfaced this week that Kate Gosselin drove around with a wooden spoon in her car so she could spank her children at a moment’s notice, and now Radar Online has reported that a friend of her ex-husband Jon Gosselin has claimed the mother of eight is “sick” and in “desperate need of mental help.”

A list of Gosselin’s alleged “sins” have been laid out in “painful detail” in Robert Hoffman’s self-published e-book “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World,” Radar Online said.

Hoffman told the online celebrity gossip site: "I like Jon Gosselin a lot. I’ve traveled with him and partied with him and have been with him through his highest highs and his lowest lows."

Apparently, Hoffman sifted through the detritus of Jon Gosselin’s personal life, discovering in his garbage documents such as Kate Gosselin’s journal, numerous emails, and even tax documents.

Hoffman reportedly trashed Kate Gosselin -- one of the stars of the reality-television series "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- in every way possible, which may actually make people more sympathetic to her, Radar Online said.

"I’ll be sued by one or more parties before this is over," Hoffman wrote in his e-book. He then claimed, "I’m writing this book for the Gosselin kids."

While his friend Jon Gosselin was making countless bad decisions, Hoffman alleged, according to Radar Online: “Kate Gosselin continued to prance around like a peacock ... with her bodyguards, her handlers, her public relations team, her media trainer, her team of lawyers and her protective network family feeding her a script of talking points for the week -- pretending to be mother of the year, fooling millions of people while pursuing her Hollywood lifestyle on the backs of her eight beautiful children.”

In Radar Online's account of Hoffman's e-book, he wrote: “Kate Gosselin washed out of community college after three months and is a gum smack uneducated (redacted) who tells mostly lies and says ‘um’ a lot. ... You sold your family and your children’s souls to the Devil, to make a quick buck for yourself. Shame on you Kate Gosselin.”

Or maybe someone just has it out for Kate Gosselin and will say anything to shame her name.