Director Garry Marshall is pulling out the stops for Mother’s Day. He’s brought along a bouquet, breakfast in bed and possibly even a brand new movie in time for the next holiday. Some actors currently in talks for Marshall’s next project, “Mother’s Day,” include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis. Julia Roberts is reportedly already set to star.

According to Deadline, which also announced the potential stars of the new project, “Mother’s Day” is set to begin filming in August. Much like Marshall's previous star-studded films, “Mother’s Day” will feature intertwining characters as they deal with the encroaching holiday chaos.

This isn’t the first time audiences have seen Marshall team up with many of the actors in his new movie's cast. He has two previous holiday-themed movies, 2011's “New Year’s Eve” and 2010's “Valentine’s Day," both of which were also star-studded affairs. More than a few former cast members will likely reappear in “Mother’s Day.” 

Julia Roberts

The leading lady is one of the biggest career launches Marshall ever helmed. Roberts scored the breakout role in Marshall’s 1990 film, “Pretty Woman,” and she returned to work with the director in “Runaway Bride” and “Valentine’s Day.”

Kate Hudson

If Hudson signs on to star in "Mother's Day," it won’t be her first movie with the legendary director. Back in 2004, she starred in the comedy “Raising Helen.” “Mother’s Day” would be their first project together in over a decade. 

Jessica Biel

The actress appeared in Marshall’s previous two holiday movies, “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day.” We wouldn’t want her to be left out of the trilogy now!

Anne Hathaway

Back when Hathaway was a misfit lady-in-training for Garry Marshall’s “The Princess Diaries,” who knew she would take-off to Oscar-winning heights? Polished and poised, she returned for a part in the director’s “Valentine’s Day.”

Ashton Kutcher

Like Biel, the actor would make his third appearance in Marshall’s holiday movie. Hopefully, he’s invited back for the “Mother’s Day” brunch.

Seth Meyers 

It looks like fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum Jason Sudeikis will take over some of the more comedic lines after Meyers fit the bill in "New Year's Eve." But don't count out the comedian just yet, he could return for a cameo in "Mother's Day."

Penny Marshall

The “A League of Their Own” director is a frequent collaborator with her older brother, Garry. Don’t be too surprised if she cameos once again after “New Year’s Eve.”

Who else would you like to see cast in "Mother's Day?" Sound off in the comments section below!