James Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother, has launched a new range of saucy cakes with bawdy slogans written on the icing.

While the Royal Ascot and the MCC recently said that they were tightening up their standards for the Queen's Jubilee Year, Catherine's brother is doing the opposite that could make Prince William feel embarrassed.

James has set up Nice Cakes with slogans like Boob-licious jiggly jugs and A willy that wriggles and gives me the giggles.

When asked if his new business might embarrass his royal sister and her family, he replied saying: They are clearly intended to be humorous and are clearly not intended to cause any offence as is quite obvious.

The Great British public is renowned throughout the world for its sense of humor and a cake design is hardly likely to cause it to lose it. We intend to embrace that sense of humor, Daily Mail quoted James as saying.

Nice Cakes is one of four companies started by Middleton, who claims to be a self-made man despite his royal links and his parents' success in the party supplies industry, the Daily Mail reported.

One cake design called Stud Muffin shows an image of a man with slogan a willy that wriggles and gives me the giggles and a yummy bum for squeezy fun, while another design A Wonderful Wife reads scrummy boobies that make my hands happy and sexy bum that wiggles when ironing.

The naughty messages and pictures are printed in edible ink. Nice cakes takes order on its website and customers can even upload their own pictures on the website to personalize the messages.