When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Kate Middleton, who is living with her husband Prince William in Wales, seems to have understood the well-known maxim deeply by learning Welsh to fit in with the locals of Anglesey.

According to Kate's royal aide, the Duchess of Cambridge is learning Welsh whenever she goes out by practicing the new language with store staff, who have helped her with the pronunciation and have enlarging her vocabulary.

Because they live in Wales she is surrounded by the language when she is out and about. It is not a case of a lesson a week, she hears Welsh around her and learns the language like that. Anglesey is her home - that is where she spends most of her time. If you immerse yourself in the culture you pick things up, the royal aide told Daily Star.

The Welsh Language Board is glad to see Kate studying Welsh well, according to zeenews.india.com. “It’s great news she is learning Welsh,” a spokeswoman of the agency said. “Living in the area and listening to people speak is a very good way to learn the language,” she added.