Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has suffered a miscarriage? That's what the UK's Globe magazine wants you to think.

While most magazines settle for obsessing over when Prince William's wife will become pregnant, Globe's newest cover asserts that she was, and that she miscarried.

'Her Crushing Heartbreak'

Kate Loses Baby! the February cover screamed. Her crushing heartbreak as William leaves for military duty.

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been rampant since the moment she and Prince William married in the spring. One popular story even asserted that the royal couple were preparing to have twins.

Although Globe won't release any of the details online, we do know that the magazine credits an anonymous source and palace insiders with the information.

The publication claims Kate Middleton allegedly learned she had suffered a miscarriage right as Prince William was leaving for his six-week tour of duty as an RAF pilot in the Falklands.

Globe's Outlandish Assertions

So, how likely is it that there's any truth to these pregnancy/miscarriage rumors? Going by Globe's track record, we'd say none at all.

In the same issue as the Kate Middleton miscarriage story, Globe asserts that Soul Train creator Don Cornelius' suicide was actually murder.

It also claims that Michelle Obama has spent thousands on a lingerie shopping spree to save her marriage, an old rumor that the White House has roundly denied.

What's more likely is that Kate Middleton has gotten a bit thin from the stress of being a new royal, and that the tabloids are so desperate for a pregnancy story that they'll take a miscarriage if need be. Neither Middleton, Prince William nor any other member of the royal family has commented on the story.

Fans of the royal family, take heart: we're calling the Kate Middleton miscarriage rumor as false.