Some people may think that being part of royalty automatically grants an individual VIP access to almost everything and anything. However, accommodation requests made for some members of the royal family was recently turned down by a French hotel.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry, are set to visit France during the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme to be held in June. For the trip, the royal family and their entourage initially identified the plush Hotel Marotte as their hotel of choice. Unfortunately, the said five-star French hotel had to turn them away due to room unavailability.

A hotel spokesperson told Express that they were asked to accommodate the royal couple and Prince Harry during their upcoming two-night visit. The request reportedly involved booking four rooms for the royal entourage, as well as a suite for the royal couple. However, they were forced to turn them down since they were already fully booked.

“We are only a small hotel with 12 rooms and we’ve been booked up for a year now,” the hotel representative explained. The upcoming centenary celebration is also expected to draw in around 25,000 to 30,000 people.

Hotel Marotte owner Olivier Walt also shared that the French ministry of foreign affairs had contacted him in January to discuss the royal family’s accommodations for their upcoming June trip. Unfortunately, they have decided to decline the royal family’s request. Walt even described the situation as a “shame.”

“We can’t tell people who reserved rooms with us months ago and have already paid for their stay: ‘Sorry, but the royal family are coming, so we’re going to have to cancel your stay.’ It wouldn’t be fair,” Walt added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the royals revealed in an interview with The Local that other accommodation arrangements are currently being organized for the royal family and their entourage. However, the details are “completely secret.”

The spokesperson also added that it is still unsure if Prince George and Princess Charlotte will join their parents and uncle for the trip.