Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton have been married for three months and the royal newlyweds have been continuing to grab attention from the media, which have focused on Kate’s distinctive dressing style to the philanthropies she will consider to support. However, what the media and the fans of the royal couple are most interested in knowing is this - when will they produce an heir to the throne?

Even as Kate bowled the world over with her charm and beauty, especially during the royal tour of North America, with a height of no more than 5’10″ and a weight of 100 pounds, she seems “severely underweight,” according to many doctors, and many doctors and fans of Kate worry that she is too skinny to get pregnant.

Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, especially told Star that “Kate looks to weigh from 95 to 100 lbs. That makes her seriously underweight.”

The rumor concerning Kate’s pregnancy spread around the world as soon as she got married because according to the royal tradition, Princess Diana, Prince William's mother, conceived in July 1981, five months after her wedding and even Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William's grandmother, married in November 1947 and gave birth to Prince Charles in a year.

Hence, not surprisingly, Kate is under pressure to conceive an heir to the throne soon and the world is waiting for the good news.

Kate's biographer Claudia Joseph, author of The Making of a Princess, is concerned that Kate should start preparing from now if she wants to have many children. "She comes from a warm and loving family and adores children. If she wants to have three children, she has to start getting a move on," Joseph said.

However, "there isn't a necessity to produce (an heir) now, and they will do everything in their own good time," he said.

Dickie Arbiter, longtime royals observer and the former press secretary to the queen, also said the new royal couple doesn't always need to follow precedent to the letter. "Nothing is set in tablets of stone," she said.

According to Joseph, Prince William is not yet a working royal and is now focusing on completing his training as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force, based in Anglesey.

Agrees Arbiter. "Unlike Charles (just after his marriage), William has a job and commitments and they're important because the taxpayers have paid millions of pounds to train him," Arbiter said. "He is very dedicated to his job, and Kate will be alongside him in support."

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton produce an heir to the throne soon? We have to wait and watch.

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