With her sheer charisma and dress sense, Kate Middleton has created millions of fans across the world. The most sought-after British royal has become a fashion icon by herself, eclipsing the popularity of even the most senior royals and entertainment leaders in the U.K.

Now, for those fans and fashionistas who are seeking to have a better idea of the secrets behind the Duchess of Cambridge's inimitable looks and fashion sense, here are some authentic remarks from her designer.

She does have quite a strength in her style. Although it's very conservative, there is something that sets her apart from just your average nice, conservative, well-brought-up girl, said Katherine Hooker who has been Kate's favourite designer for the past several years.

She's a very straightforward, very normal, down-to-earth person, so she doesn't particularly want to stand out, but she has a good, strong idea of what works for her, Hooker told the New York magazine in an exclusive interview.

She probably doesn't have a choice, but I think it would be her choice, because of the sort of person that she is. There are some things that she's definitely like, no - that she doesn't want. And there are some things that she definitely goes for, Hooker told the magazine, elaborating on the choicest options of the charming royal. She still doesn't miss out on the element that is in Kate's fashion choices that evades a specific definition. She's managed to do something - and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I think a lot of people think that she dresses very boringly, that she should be more fashion-forward and all that, but I think that she's a very strong person, she has a strong personality, Hooker said.

Hooker decorated nearly 15 people for the royal wedding in 2011, and has a clear-cut idea why certain things work particularly well for Kate alone. I have so much experience with customers and how they are with themselves and how confident they are with the things that they choose, and she's definitely the confident one. She would be in the category of the ones who really know what works, what she likes, what she doesn't like, she told the magazine.

Here are some of the most stylish public appearances of the Duchess of Cambridge: