Like most other woman, the Duchess of Cambridge loves shopping for her kids' clothes. Amaia Arrieta, owner of a London-based children's clothing store where the duchess shops for her children's outfits, says Kate Middleton is a very “normal and natural” person.

The Duchess first came to Amaia Kids when Prince George was born. She was accompanied by her mother Carole Middleton and asked the shop assistants to help her choose the baby clothes. "It was quite funny because she said, 'I've just had a baby and I'm a little lost. Would you be able to help me?'” Arrieta told Hello magazine's U.S. edition, Hola, in an exclusive interview.

It was quite obvious that Arrieta and her staff were aware of her royal status, but they treated her like they would help any new mom. “I think she liked that because she's been coming back ever since,” said the Spanish businesswoman to the magazine. She also told the magazine that Middleton is quite down-to-earth and keeps a low profile.

"She usually comes alone, and although we show her everything we have in the size she needs, she usually knows what she wants. She's very decisive, but she does let us make suggestions and sometimes she buys things she wouldn't have picked up,” added Arrieta. The shop owner also called the duchess “very charming, very normal and very sweet."

The Duchess also visited the store when she was expecting Princess Charlotte and shopped for “three cardigans, three shirts, two pairs of shorts and long socks.” When Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, big brother Prince George came to visit her in the hospital wearing a navy blue cardigan and knee-high socks from Amaia Kids. The outfit was a hit with mothers online and got picked up instantly from Amaia Kids' website.

Middleton is not the only member of the royal family who visits Amaia Kids. "Her sister [Pippa Middleton] and her mom have also been back a few times to buy things for their nephew and niece and grandson but at separate times," said Arrieta. Her other celebrity customers include Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Claudia Schiffer, among others.