Agence French Presse is reporting that Kate Middleton's childhood home is up for sale for approximately 500,000 pounds.

Middleton's parents, Michael and Carole put up the house just weeks before their daughter's wedding to Prince William.

The red-bricked, four-bedroom house was bought in 1979. It's in the village of Bradfield Southend in southeast England. The Middleton's raised their three children there.  

The family left the house, called West View, and moved to the nearby Chapel Row in 1995. At the time Kate was 13 years old, according to AFP.

Auctioneer Dudley Singleton, who is in charge of selling the property, said the house is valued at 495,000 pounds.

Who knows how much it will sell for? It's different to a dress modeled by Kate you can put in a frame. But it's every little girl's dream to marry a prince and who knows, she might be queen, so its associated with royalty will heighten the interest.

Due to the increasing popularity of the upcoming nuptials, the house is expected to go fast. Kate's see-through dress that she wore when in college at St. Andrews sold for 78,000 pounds.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29.