Carole Middleton’s involvement in daughter Kate Middleton’s life has prompted Queen Elizabeth II to step in and keep the two away from each other, according to a report in Celebrity Dirty Laundry. It added that Carole’s influence on Kate kept the Duchess of Cambridge away from royal traditions.

“It’s no secret Kate and William have been having marriage problems, but Queen Elizabeth summoned the royal couple to Balmoral to, once again, intervene in their marriage. … But, noticeably absent in the royals’ lives is Carole Middleton,” Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

After the birth of Kate and Prince William’s second child Princess Charlotte, Hollywood Gossip reported in May that Carole urged Kate to have a third baby.

“Carole, meanwhile, is seen by many observers as the quiet orchestrator behind the scenes of Kate’s subtle but firm break from royal family tradition,” the entertainment website reported at the time.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Express reported that Prince Charles insisted that Kate should have only female bodyguards. A source from Scotland Yard’s royal protection unit told the newspaper about the arrangement.

“From the start, when Kate became engaged, it was Charles who made the women-only stipulation, saying he didn’t want her compromised in any way,” the source told the Sunday Express. However, none of these rumors have been validated by palace officials.

Besides, there have been reports that Kate and William are feuding over the number of children they should have. Kate reportedly wanted four children before she was 40, but William was not too keen on the idea. This reportedly led to a disagreement between the royal couple.