Kate Middleton is always in style and that's largely tahnks to her favorite designer, Katherine Hooker. Hooker's clothes have become a staple in Kate's closet and have become increasingly popular in the UK.

Hooker will release a line of cashmere clothing which will no doubt end up on Kate as she makes more public appearances. Kate most recently wore a Katherine Hooker piece during the Order of the Garter ceremony last week: it was a long, cream-colored coat with lace trim, a belt and cuffs (pictured).

The new cashmere line is in partnership with Scottish firm Johnstons of Elgin. Johnstons is the only only Scottish firm to create raw cashmere from fiber to finished product.

Part of the reason Kate's style is so popular is that a majority of it is affordable. Kate refuses to take free clothes from designers and pays for everything she puts on.