Kate Middleton’s parents are under fire for selling what some parents are calling an inappropriate children’s Halloween costume. Among the many costume ideas featured on Carole and Michael Middleton’s site Party Pieces, is a roadkill pet costume.

According to the Mirror, an online mom’s group lashed out at the Duchess of Cambridge’s mom and dad labeling the dead pet costume as one of the top eight most evil Halloween costumes for children. In a video posted on the group’s page, Channelmum.com, 93 percent of parents said they wouldn’t want their child to wear Party Pieces roadkill costume.

“It’s quite gory,” one woman said in the video. “I got a 6-year-old daughter and she’d be terrified to look at that,” a man said. Another woman said the costume was “terrifying” to look at. Other Halloween get-ups included on Channelmum.com’s list was a Jason costume, Slender Man, Jack the Ripper, a creepy clown and a possessed girl.

Based on Party Pieces website, the roadkill costume is a grey bunny rabbit onesie with blood on it and tire marks across the body. The site states that the costume isn’t suitable for children under 3 years old because of its small parts. The costume costs about $20 USD. “It’s a bit late to learn the green cross code for this poor rabbit. The gruesome roadkill costume features a full body grey jumpsuit complete with wounds and [tire] marks,” a description for the costume reads. “The roadkill outfit includes a rabbit headpiece with bloodshot eyes and bucked teeth.”

This isn’t the first time Party Pieces has been criticized. In 2014, a customer tweeted that she was “really disappointed” in the company because it never delivered party supplies for her son’s 5th birthday. The site tweeted an apology, writing: “Apologies again, we understand our customer services manager has refunded you and is sending a small gift by way of apology.”