The iconic 1992 Calvin Klein photo shoot with Mark Wahlberg may have made Kate Moss a supermodel, but it came at a price – Moss says she suffered a nervous breakdown during the shoot.

The supermodel opened up to Vanity Fair about her professional and private lives for the magazine’s December issue. Moss says she felt immense pressure as a model.

“I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts,” Moss, now 38, told Vanity Fair, referring to rapper/model turned actor Wahlberg and the fashion photographer. “It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die."

Moss said the anxiety she felt during the shoot was due in part because she wasn’t taken care of mentally.

“Nobody takes care of you mentally. There’s a massive pressure to do what you have to do,” she told Vanity Fair.

Moss said she was pressured into posing nude at 16 years old for the Face, a British fashion and music magazine.

“I see a 16-year-old now, and to ask her to take her clothes off would feel really weird. But they were like, If you don’t do it, then we’re not going to book you again. So I’d lock myself in the toilet and cry and then come out and do it,” Moss told Vanity Fair. “I never felt very comfortable about it. There’s a lot of boobs. I hated my boobs! Because I was flat-chested. And I had a big mole on one. That picture of me running down the beach — I’ll never forget doing that, because I made the hairdresser, who was the only man on the shoot, turn his back.”

While Moss is associated with the so-called “heroin chic” look in the modeling world, the British model said she never took the drug.

“I had never even taken heroin — it was nothing to do with me at all,” she said.

Despite the confidence she projects through her modeling pictures, Moss was a nervous wreck on her wedding day in 2011 when she got married to the Kills musician Jamie Hince.

“On my wedding day, I’m like freaking out, obviously. ‘You’ve got to give me a character.’ And [John Galliano] said, ‘You have a secret — you are the last of the English roses. Hide under that veil. When he lifts it, he’s going to see your wanton past!’” Moss said.

Moss said unless she’s really on point, it’s difficult for her to nail the perfect modeling shot.

“I’m terrible at a snapshot. Terrible. I blink all the time. I’ve got facial Tourette’s. Unless I’m working and in that zone, I’m not very good at pictures, really,” she told the magazine.