When the Royal couple, Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, had their first public kiss, the crowd at Buckingham Palace went crazy, as did the millions of viewers who were watching the wedding ceremony on the television. Since, their modest display of public affection has been kept quite minimal, until they embarked on a journey across the pond.

For us mere commoners, signs of public affections for our loved ones are as common as we are commoners, but for the British Royal family, public displays of affection are most often kept to an eye gaze or a pat on the back.

For William and Kate however, the couple showed numerous signs of public affection whilst on their North American tour. Perhaps it was the openness of the West that provoked such manners, perhaps it was their genuine friendship showing through, or maybe it was a publicity stunt. Either way, the Royal couple got our attention, and the attention of the millions who were keeping track of their Wild West tour.