Kate Winslet planned a remarkably low-key wedding to Ned Rocknroll; in fact, she was so private that she kept the ceremony a secret from her parents. It comes as no surprise then that Kate hasn’t been spotted flashing her wedding ring around town -- until now.

Paparazzi finally got a glimpse of the goods when Winslet sported her new hardware during a grocery trip on Monday. The “Revolutionary Road” actress was spotted loading bags from a Tesco supermaeket in Hampshire, England, with what appeared to be a shiny piece of metal on her finger, according to photos published by the blog JustJared.

Although Winslet, 37, and Rocknroll, 34, (born Abel Smith) wed in a private ceremony in upstate New York in December, the English shopping trip marked the first time Winslet had been seen in public wearing the wedding ring.

It’s highly unlikely the couple is scrimping to afford something flashy, as Rocknroll is the nephew of airline mogul Richard Branson. The couple reportedly exchanged platinum bands encrusted with diamonds at their wedding ceremony, according to The Sun, which estimated their worth at around $290,000.

The newlyweds were reportedly introduced by Branson when Winslet vacationed at his home on Necker Island in August. During that same trip, Winslet heroically helped to save Branson’s 90-year-old mother when a fire broke out at the home. Partly in gratitude of that act, Branson reportedly gave Winslet a ticket for a ride into outer space worth an estimated $200,000, according to The Sun.