Katherine Heigl is in the midst of her comeback to television with her new show “State of Affairs.” The 35-year-old actress’ career took a bit of a dip after some bad press revolving around her messy exit from “Grey’s Anatomy.” One of the more vocal voices surrounding her departure was showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

Now, it looks like Heigl is ready to take her negative image head on. In a recent interview with Mario Lopez from “Extra,” the actress addressed some of the comments that Rhimes threw her way.

The comments in question come from Rhimes’ October interview with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked abouther hit show "Scandal," the showrunner responded that her cast is tight-knit. “There are no Heigls in this situation,” she said.

"It sucks," Heigl said of Rhimes' comment. "I am sorry that she feels that way, and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda."

She went on to confess that she watches “Scandal” every week, saying: “I’m sorry that she’s left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”

Unfortunately for the “State of Affairs” star, Rhimes isn’t the only one throwing negative press her way. Rumors have circulated for a while that Heigl is difficult to work with. Lopez got her to address those claims as well. He asked her about another THR story that focused on her as a co-worker.

"That took some stomaching," Heigl said. "The only way for me to prove it wrong is for people to have a work experience with me that doesn't speak to that at all."

Heigl’s comeback attempt got off to a modest start, according to Entertainment Weekly.  “State of Affairs” premiered its pilot on Monday, earning a modest 8.6 million viewers and scoring a 2.2 rating among adults ages 18-49. These numbers aren’t horrendous, but the strong lead-in from “The Voice,” and the fact that “The Blacklist” had numbers that were 37 percent higher when it held the time slot are something to be considered.