After her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes wants no more actors, according to reports.

Just after news broke that her estranged husband, actor Tom Cruise, might be leaving Scientology, according to sources who spoke to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Katie Holmes, 33, is looking forward to finding a romantic fling with an artist, Radar Online reported.

Holmes hasn’t been lucky in love when it comes to dating actors. The mother of Suri has had failed relationships with Hollywood denizens like Joshua Jackson, who was her co-star on “Dawson’s Creek,” Chris Klein, who is best known for his “American Pie” movies, and of course her unsuccessful union with “Mission Impossible” star Tom Cruise.

It was rumored that Holmes ended the relationship because she feared Cruise would push his Scientology beliefs on their daughter Suri.

The celebrity gossip site is reporting that Holmes has sworn off actors for good and is enjoying single life with "absolutely no plans on dating anytime soon," a source says.

But another Radar source added:

"She’s been saying now that if she does date anyone, it could be someone who works in the arts world. Katie’s more interested in the quiet life now and an unassuming artist would fit the bill perfectly for when she’s ready."

But there could be another actor in Holmes life, if the source who spoke to British magazine Grazia was correct.

Grazia is claiming that Chris Klein, her former beau, is trying to woo Holmes once more and has been sneaking into her buildings for visits.

Australia’s News Network reported:

"Chris was a real ladies' man when they were first together … he also had a major problem with alcohol," a source says. "He’s really cleaned himself up since then ... Katie likes the new Chris a whole lot more."