Katy Perry’s new song “Roar” is already getting praise, but not everyone is thrilled with the single off her new album “Prism.” Some Twitter users pointed out Monday that the song has uncanny similarities to Sara Bareilles' hit “Brave,” which was released in May.

Entertainment Weekly even shared a mashup of the two hits that was put together by MixmstrStel 2. Perry herself doesn’t seem bothered by the Bareilles comparison and even tweeted “I heart you” to the “Gravity” singer May 15.

Bareilles never responded to the tweet and has yet to publicly comment on the similarities between the songs. Nor did Perry mention the “Brave” singer on of her tweets Monday after her single went No. 1 in nearly 20 countries.

EW added that “Brave” nor “Roar” have no songwriters in common. But both numbers are empowering songs with a “don’t give up” theme.  And the first few seconds sound nearly the same.

One thing that definitely separates the two songs is their videos. Perry’s lyric video came out Monday morning and is a virtual text conservation that’s riddled with emoticons, or emoji as iPhone users call them.

Bareilles’ music video went with a different approach. Seemingly average people begin to dance in public, whether it be a library, the gym or the street, as a way to celebrate themselves.

Videos aside, some SB fans can’t get passed the similar message and beat in Perry’s song. Check out some of their heated tweets that were shared on Monday: