Kendall Jenner is all grown up and is now a successful high fashion model. While she’s still close to her family, at age 19 she wants to have some time to do her own thing. In this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kendall tells her mother Kris Jenner to stop following her around when she's working abroad.

With all the attention back home on her father Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman named Caitlyn, Kendall feels her time away from home can help her focus on work and not on her family issues. Having her mom following her around defeats the purpose of finding a distraction and focusing on other things. She tells Kris as much in this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“Why are you following me everywhere? That’s like my time to get away from home,” says Kendall. E! Online shared a video clip of the tense conversation between mother and daughter during an intimate meal in Paris.

While the rest of her kids are in Montana for a ski trip, Kris flies to London to present an award. She then heads over to Paris to meet up with Kendall, who is in town for a modeling gig. She gets excited when she sees Kendall’s Givenchy campaign plastered all over a wall. Jenner explains that she’s in town to do some business and to be present for Kendall and give her support during this difficult time.

When the two of them finally get a chance to meet up for dinner, Kris tells Kendall about her plan to go to London Fashion Week with her. Kendall tells Kris that it’s really annoying that her she follows her around all the time. She says that it’s her time to get away. Kendall explains that the opportunity to work all the time and travel is a way for her to keep her mind off the emotions and stress at home.  

After the talk with Kendall, Kris admits that perhaps she’s the one who needs to get away from home. She talks about how proud she is of her kids’ achievements and decides that she needs to let them do their own thing. But she then admits that she really wants to be around to offer them support, and to get away from the stress and emotions that she’s dealing with due to her ex-husband’s transition. She ends up meeting up with a few Parisian friends and tries to have fun. 

The family’s journey as they deal with Bruce Jenner’s transition will continue to be shown on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The second half of season 10 is expected to return soon on E!.