Kylie Jenner has finally opened up about her perfect pout during Season 10, episode 9 of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” With the help of her older sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian the 17-year-old decided it was due time to discuss her lips with the media.

During an off-camera confessional interview Kim admitted that her little sister had struggled to like her lips for years. The 33-year-old later shared that, as a result, she had gotten temporary lip fillers. Although her famous family fully supported her decision, Kylie was hesitant to discuss her appearance with the media, which Khloé felt was a mistake.

“Kylie decided to plump her lips, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that," Khloé said. “I think if you’ve done something though, it is right to cop up to it. If you avoid a question, you’re going to look like a liar.”

While presenting her new line of hair extensions, Kylie Hair Kouture by Bellami Hair, Kylie was asked to discuss the secret to getting full lips like hers. The teen hesitated, dancing around the subject before asking the reporter to drop it completely. She then looked to her big sisters for advice. Both Kim and Khloé have been the subject of many cosmetic surgery rumors, most of which stem from their family’s most famous asset -- the signature Kardashian butt.

Both Kim and Khloé urged their little sister to “own up to it,” assuring her she had nothing to be ashamed of. Shortly after the event the outspoken duo sat down for lunch where they talked about ways to ensure their baby sister could feel more comfortable in her own skin. They both agreed that Kim would be the one to have the talk with her, as she’s the body confidence guru in the family. The mother-of-one decided to have the discussion with Kylie at older sister Kendall Jenner’s condo.

Both Kim and Kendall assured her she didn’t need to seek out cosmetic procedures, though they were behind her 100 percent should she choose to continue having them done. Kim’s only request? That Kylie not “get carried away” with the injections.

“If someone asks you about your lips, just be honest. Just tell them, it’s not that big of a deal,” Kim said before admitting that she too has plenty of insecurities.

Following their sit down, with a new level of confidence, Kylie decided to stop beating around the bush about her lips. After getting the pep talk from Kim, Kylie admitted “having older sisters with some of the same insecurities as me” has been helpful in helping her look pass them.

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