In this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the family surprises Kendall and Kylie Jenner with a graduation party. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian deals with her pregnancy cravings and health complications. Elsewhere, Kris Jenner tries to help Scott Disick sort out his situation with Kourtney Kardashian and their kids.

As a continuation to Disick’s visit to Kris’ house in last week’s episode, they continue to discuss his situation with Kourtney and the kids. Kourtney has become strict about his visitation schedule and Disick is having trouble abiding by her rules. Kris points out that he really messed up in the past several months, and he will need to suck it up and play by Kourtney’s rules to gain back her trust. She also tells him that even if he and Kourtney are now separated, he should try to emulate Robert Kardashian's relationship with his children. Although he and Kris divorced when the kids were still young, they all maintained a healthy, loving relationship with him.

Speaking of Robert, Khloe has been feeling a presence in her house. She calls on the help of some mediums, in order to confirm her suspicions. One medium tells her that she has a male presence in her house. Another medium took it further, and confirmed that her grandfather has been watching over her. They also manage to communicate with her dad, Robert. He mentions celebrating his anniversary with Kris, and he tells them that he’s doing great with their relatives on the other side.

Meanwhile, Kris decides to stage a mock graduation ceremony for Kendall and Kylie. Both girls were homeschooled and Kris feels bad that they didn’t experience a high school graduation. Khloe points out that she didn’t have a party for her graduation either. She then decides to take control and adds some of the things she would have wanted to have if she had a graduation party. As previously reported, numerous close friends and family attended the surprise bash, including "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" executive producer, Ryan Seacrest. Notably absent, however, was Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner. At the time of the party, she and Kris had not resolved their issues connected to her transition.

Elsewhere, Kim Kardashian is feeling good about her pregnancy. After being so careful about her exercise and diet regimen, she decides to go on a crazy binge. She flies to New Orleans, just to have a cheat day. She orders double serving of crab legs and follows it up with her favorite beignets.

While on a trip to Paris to go on fittings with some designers, Kim also grabs the opportunity to indulge in her favorite desserts. She has some cheesecake, churros and ice cream.

After all the binge eating, Kim returns to Los Angeles with swollen hands and feet. She sees her doctor and learns that she has elevated blood pressure. They also find extra fluid in her abdomen, which could be a sign of gestational diabetes.

She undergoes some tests and anxiously ponders over her health. A few days later, she calls her doctor, and is relieved to learn that she has been cleared for diabetes. Luckily, she doesn’t have any major complications so far, and she’s expected to deliver her son near the Christmas holidays.

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