Kelly Clarkson gave an amazing duet performance with country star Jason Aldean at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards last night, but fans of the American Idol winner were more interested in the large diamond ring on the singer's finger.

Clarkson sported a beautiful diamond on her ring finger during her performance of Don't You Wanna Stay with Aldean, the first time fans have ever seen her wearing it.

Within minutes of the duet, Twitter was flooded with speculation about whether the singer, who recently wowed viewers with her rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2012, was engaged to be married.

That curiosity has not abated on Monday.

Since when is Kelly Clarkson engaged/married?!, one user tweeted. That's DEFINITELY an engagement ring on her finger...

Did I miss something? another posted. Is Kelly Clarkson engaged? I saw a big rock on the ring finger. #lostintheclouds

Whoa whoa whoa, another tweeted. Kelly Clarkson's off the market???

Clarkson has yet to release a statement on whether the ring on her finger during her 2012 Grammys performance was a fashion statement or a sign that she's engaged. The singer was involved with American singer-songwriter Graham Colton, but is reportedly single now.

Until sources hear from the singer herself, however, it's likely the ring, while provocatively placed, was simply an awards show accessory.

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson: 'Don't You Wanna Stay?'