After having a concert in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, Kelly Clarkson had a meet-and-greet with a fan with Down Syndrome.

The 19 year-old-fan, Angelica Elias, attended Clarkson’s concert together with her sister, Carolina Elias Joos. In an interview with E! Online, Carolina said that her sister, Angelica, hugged Clarkson and said “Hi, baby!” to the singer’s belly, to which Clarkson replied with, “That’s a baby in there! Say hi!” Angelica blew a kiss afterwards to Clarkson’s baby bump.

After this, Angelica asked Clarkson if they can sing together her favorite song, “Silent Night,” which Clarkson happily obliged. According to The Mighty, Clarkson said “I’m totally going to cry” while mid-song, as shown in the video posted on Facebook by Carolina.

Carolina also recalled how her sister Angelica felt during the meet-and-greet. She said that Angelica was overwhelmed with the whole thing as she did not really expect her dream to turn into reality. According to Carolina, what happened during the meet-and-greet has not sunk yet to Angelica as she is very happy and couldn’t believe about her luck.

“She’d (Angelica) told me before that that she wanted to ask Kelly to sing “Silent Night” and I told her, she probably wouldn’t do it because it’s August. They both sure proved me wrong," Carolina said.

Clarkson is expecting her second child with husband, Brandon Blackstock. She had an emotional announcement about her pregnancy while in a concert in Los Angeles on Aug. 19, Access Hollywood reported.

The couple also has a daughter named River Rose, who is 14 months old. Blackstock has two kids named Seth and Savannah, from his previous marriage.

Clarkson reportedly has yet to experience morning sickness with her second pregnancy.

During the concert, Clarkson blurted out, “I’d like to apologize to my husband. That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or something. Honestly, I’m just so hormonal today…I haven’t vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win, y’all.”

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