Kelly Osbourne, one of the sixteen contestants, of the TV show Dancing With the Stars announced today she is scared and terrified to join the competition.

She is not the only terrified contestant. Some media outlets are already criticizing and doubting she will add grace to the TV show. Despite the fact that Osbourne's career didn't really take off, the star has a background in theater musicals starring as mama Mortonin in Chicago.

Far from seeking the crown, the 24 year old Ousbourne says she decided to take the challenge on the dance floor because there is nothing else that scares her more.

I don't care if I win, Osbourne said according to People magazine. I'm not doing this to try and prove I'm better than someone else. I'm doing this because it scares me.


Kelly Osbourne in 2003. (Photo; Reuters)

In the meantime until the competition kick off date of September 21, Osbourne is seeking support from her fans. Don't forget to vote for me when the time comes I will need all the help I can get! I can't dance to save my life, she twittered on Monday.

The new ninth season of Dancing with the Stars premieres September 21 at 8 p.m.