Reality TV star and model of the moment Kendall Jenner has not been very vocal about her past relationships. This is why most, if not all of them, have remained unconfirmed, apart from a few incriminating photos. When it comes to her first kiss, however, she isn’t shy about naming childhood crush Chad Wilcox.

According to TMZ, Chad is the son of actor Larry Wilcox, who starred with Caitlyn Jenner when she did a short acting stint in the 80’s crime series “Chips.” Kendall and Chad were reportedly elementary school friends, and they had their first kiss on a game of “truth or dare” back in the 5th grade.

It was the first kiss both for Kendall and Chad. While Kendall is now an international supermodel and a famous reality TV star, Chad is more low-key. He is taking up business administration in Concordia University and is planning on sticking to the family business once he graduates. The Wilcox family operates a fuel efficiency company called OPTEC.

Both Kendall and Chad are reportedly single at the moment, but it remains unclear if they are still in touch. Kendall was most recently linked to singer Nick Jonas as well as Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton. She has not confirmed or denied the dating rumors, just like she has throughout the years. shared a list of guys who have been linked with Kendall, based on paparazzi sightings, Instagram posts and other pieces of evidence, reliable or otherwise. Some of the more prominent names on the list includes One Direction singer Harry Styles, model Julian Brooks and Justin Bieber.