Kendall Jenner veered away from her usual stern runway look and showed off her silly side in a funny new advertisement for Estée Lauder. The short video came out Monday and is meant to promote the product called Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion.

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The ad is the latest installment from a series of campaigns that feature the reality star turned supermodel. In the video shared by the official Estée Lauder YouTube channel, Jenner is shown in the middle of a photo shoot. The photographer is seen instructing her to get ready, and she starts to pose for his camera.  

The photographer clicks away as Jenner switches from one pose to another. She maintains a serious demeanor while posing, but the camera seems to have captured a different mood. The photographer can be seen checking the preview of the shots that he’s taken while Kendall is giving a series of wacky facial expressions.

The photographer gets frustrated when he sees that he’s not getting the results that he wants. He then throws his arms in the air and walks off. Jenner calmly takes out a tube of the Estée Lauder lip product and uses it before taking a selfie on her own mobile phone. This time her photo reflects the correct mood. The Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion is just the latest from a series of products that Jenner has endorsed for the brand.

Last month, Jenner also appeared in an Estée Lauder ad campaign for a line called Modern Muse Le Rouge .

The label announced in November last year that the breakthrough model has been signed as their new ambassador. Following a successful year appearing on the most prestigious runways around the world, Jenner secured her the deal with Estée Lauder. She is also associated with other prestigious brands such as Chanel, Balmain and Diane Von Furstenberg.