Kendall and Kylie Jenner may be sisters but they are very different from each other. They played a fun game of “Which Sister” with Glamour magazine and revealed some details about their personalities.

Glamour brought the Jenner sisters together and gave them each a paddle with their names on each side. In the video below, the reality stars are asked a few questions that begin with “Which sister?”

They are supposed to hold up their paddles showing the name of which sister fits the given description. Right from the first question, the sisters already have a difference in opinion. They each think that the other one is more likely to start a fight.

When they were asked about which of them takes more selfies, the girls hold up each other’s names once again but Kendall turns Kylie’s paddle and says that she really has to admit that she’s the guilty party.

Kylie says that Kendall eats more junk food. The fashion model agrees. However, she turns her paddle and says that she’s actually eating better now.

Kendall admits that she uses more emojis while texting since Kylie doesn’t really text much. They continue to be in agreement when they unanimously decide that between them, Kendall is the bigger tattletale.

Kylie has a bigger shoe collection but they eventually agree that perhaps it’s actually a tie between them. When it comes to stealing clothes form their sisters, Kendall is the guilty one.

Kendall thinks that she’s nicer and Kylie reluctantly agrees despite pointing out that Kendall was her biggest bully while they were growing up. Kendall keeps secrets better and Kylie has a dirtier mouth.

Finally they couldn’t decide which one is a better cheerleader so they had to show off their skills with a few moves. The sisters laugh off the fun moment and end the game. See the full video below: