Kevin Spacey tweeted a poorly photoshopped picture of him and Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his city-councilor brother Doug Ford. You might be asking yourself, why are the Toronto Fords feuding with Kevin Spacey?

A couple weeks ago, Spacey and the two Fords both made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to the Fords, they weren’t allowed to speak to or have pictures taken with the "House of Cards" star.

Doug Ford, called Spacey “an arrogant SOB,” yesterday on his and Rob’s YouTube radio show, Ford Nation. He addressed Spacey, saying “Why don’t you get off your high horse and be real and take pictures with people.”

Rob Ford acts as the voice of reason, telling his brother that maybe Spacey does take pictures and that he didn’t even see Spacey, although he admitted he wouldn’t know Spacey if he “ran him over." Still, the Ford brothers dedicated a whole segment of Ford Nation to addressing how bad a person Kevin Spacey is.

Spacey also made some jokes about the two brothers on the show, one of them being that the disgraced Toronto mayor threw up all over his dressing room. That probably didn’t help Ford-Spacey relations either.

In response to the Fords’ attack on his refusal to take a picture with them, Spacey tweeted this: 

No response yet from the Ford brothers, but if you want to stay up on Ford-related news, we highly suggest you subscribe to Ford Nation. It's about all the Ford you can handle.