Khloe Kardashian just can’t resist her half-sister’s abs. She liked them so much that she had to lick them after they saw each other again. Last week, Kendall Jenner was in Europe walking the runways during Paris Fashion Week. She has just recently returned to Los Angeles and received a wet welcome from her sister.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday night, Kardashian shared a photo of herself bending down to lick her sister’s bare abs. Both of them were in workout gear and appeared to be standing in a gym. Kendall wore a black cropped top which revealed her washboard stomach. She had a hand on her mouth and appeared to be surprised but amused at her sister's antics.

“I missed her so much and those abs were irresistible!!!!#SisterSister,” said Kardashian in the photo caption. Jenner appears to have joined her older sister in the gym after returning home.

Meanwhile, Jenner has also been getting toned up. The results of her hard work are being featured on runways all over the world. While in Paris, she took part in shows for such brands as Versace and Chanel. She is also seen in numerous ad campaigns for various labels..

Last week, Jenner showed off what Kardashian calls her “irresistible abs” in an Instagram post. In the photo, she faced the mirror and showed off her midsection while wearing only black briefs and a long-sleeved, see-through cropped top. She used one hand to cover her nipple and took the photo with the other. She cheekily captioned the shot: “coffee?” referring to a cup of coffee that was caught on the corner of the photo.

On Wednesday, while her sister was gushing about her anatomy, Kendall showed off her other irresistible parts. She teased some photos from her upcoming Calvin Klein Underwear campaign. In one of the photos, she was topless and was wearing only T-back underwear.