Reality star Khloe Kardashian and her trainer Gunnar Peterson are showing off the secrets behind her svelte new figure. As part of the exclusive content of her new mobile app and website, Khloe is letting her fans see how they can recreate her workouts even from their own homes.

On Monday, Khloe launched her very own lifestyle app. The launch coincided with the launch of other apps dedicated to her sisters Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Oldest sister Kourtney’s app will launch later this year, but all the girls collectively introduced their fans to their personalized apps and websites on Monday.

In a video shared by Khloe in her website and app, she showed off a string of clips taken during her near-daily gym sessions with Peterson. For those who have not paid for the monthly subscription fee to access the content, don’t worry, People gave a rundown of what’s inside.

In the video titled “My Trainer Shows no Mercy,” Khoe is seen doing a series of squats, pull-downs, punches and other workout moves. She also works with an elliptical machine, a medicine ball and a slide board in order to reach various muscle groups. Even her runs are made even harder by being tied down to some resistance straps.

Peterson explains that the workouts don’t only work with the specialized equipment available at Khloe’s gym. Anyone can achieve the same results at home with a little creativity. He suggests using household items in order to create workouts that will achieve the same results.

Khloe’s fitness program as well as her fashionable workout outfits are some of the highlights of her new website and app.