Khloe Kardashian has received major criticism for posting a photo of herself wearing traditional Muslim clothing. Kardashian went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a hairstyling seminar on Monday and, while there, posted a photo of herself wearing a niqab and hijab -- accessories worn by Muslin women to cover up their heads and faces.

“Habibi love,” Kardashian captioned a photo on Instagram. According to Us Weekly, the word “habibi” could be translated to “my baby” or “my darling.” Whether or not the reality star knew what the word meant before posting it was unclear. In the photo, Kardashian's face and head were covered in black cloth, but her heavily made-up eyes were still recognizable.

Some fans commented that Kardashian appears to be trying to be sensitive to local traditions. Other fans, however, accused the reality star of being disrespectful and of using the garments as a fashion statement -- without considering their religious purposes.

The comments section of her post became a war zone between haters and fans. User let da king talk showed appreciation for the gesture and wrote: “@KhloeKardashian.....Alhamdulillah u look Beautiful Insha'Allah u embrace Islam wit ur heart”

However, user shahimakhatun wrote: “Thanks @khloekardashian for sexualizing the hijab and niqab for us Muslims. Cultural appropriation.” Another user with the handle booalice wasn’t so happy about it either. She said: “I'm sick of the kardashians meddling in cultures that they are clearly not wanted in. She has no clear desire to even learn about Islam and this is the way for her getting attention and making money.” 

This isn’t the first time that Kardashian has received flack for an Islam-related post. In October, she posted a photo of herself with Scott Disick and his friend Chris Reda. She was wearing a Catwoman costume while the men were wearing traditional men’s Arabic garments. She captioned the photo “Sheik pussy” The photo and caption were widely criticized and Kardashian was forced to apologize on an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”