The woman tragically killed by a Killer Whale in Sea World in Florida on Wednesday, has been taken out of the jaws of the whale.

In order to do so, trainers had to coax the 12,000 pound whale into a smaller pool and use a platform to hoist it out of the water, before being able to take the 40-year-old trainer Dawn Brancheau out.

According to the Associated Press, an Orange County Medical Examiner said Brancheau probably died from multiple traumatic injuries and drowning after the killer whale, called Tilikum, pulled her into the water.

After their show had ended, Tilikum reportedly grabbed the trainer by her ponytail, pulled her underwater and thrashed her violently.

Though it's the third time Tillikum has been involved in a human's death, Sea World said it has no plans to take the massive animal out of the show.

SeaWorld says trainers will continue to interact with Tilikum but the procedures for doing so will change in the wake of trainer Dawn Brancheau's death.

A marine biologist says the whale probably did it because it was bored as killer whales don't normally kill humans in the wild.

They have never killed a human in the wild, said Nancy Black, a marine biologist with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, according to Live Science.

I just think the killer whale may have wanted a social companion and just held her under too long, Black
told LiveScience.

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