A SeaWorld trainer that was killed by a whale in the midst of a public show at the park was attacked because of the swing of her ponytail, an expert at the park in Orlando said today.

The victim, Dawn Brancheau, 40, was shaken violently by the whale and then was drowned by the animal in the water. Many spectators witnessed the killing in horror according to their testimonies.

Dawn had very long hair in a ponytail. That ponytail had swung in front of him [the whale]. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her underwater and held her underwater, Chuck Tompkins, curator of zoological operations at SeaWorld Orlando told ABC's Good Morning America Thursday.

The same whale called Tilikum, has been involved in two other fatal incidents with humans and has lived in SeaWorld since 1992.

Sea World has no plans in removing the whale from their show.

We need to evaluate how to do this the right way, Tompkins said. We need to evaluate our handling procedures and how we interact with him... I can guarantee we will make any change necessary. He's a good animal, he told GMA.

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