Kim Basinger turned 59 in December, but the actress still looks incredible. Her 17-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, took to Instagram and dedicated a "Happy Birthday" to her mother saying her beauty is all natural and without any plastic surgery.

Basinger just turned 59 but one wouldn't be able to tell from any recent photos. With any actress, there will be questions about plastic surgery as they get older but Basinger is one actress who is staying beautiful naturally. Ireland Baldwin, the 17-year-old daughther of Basinger and Alec Baldwin, went on Instagram to send a very special 'Happy Birthday' message to her mother, saying “You are the most influential and inspirational figure in my life, and I've always looked up to you and no one else. I run to you if I'm ever in doubt or danger, and I'm grateful to you that you always find a way to come to my rescue.”

As for her mother's looks, Baldwin says “You are the most naturally beautiful woman there ever was and will be. Your skin care, workouts and advice on eating healthy inspire me to do the same. Ladies, if you want to avoid Botox and any other skin treatments, listen to my mom! She hasn't had one treatment done because she's stay completely out of the sun all these years!”

Baldwin and her boyfriend, Slater Trout, spent the weekend with Basinger in Hawaii, reports Yahoo!. The mother and daughter were spotted going to Starbucks and although Basinger is standing behind her daughter, it's easy to see how good Basinger looks. While Baldwin hopes to get her mother's looks, and her cheekbones, she does have one advantage over her mother. Baldwin stands at 6'2” while Basinger is 5'7”, notes Yahoo!. Alec Baldwin stands at a reported 5'11”.

Baldwin gets along with both her parents, as well as Alec Baldwin's new wife, Hilaria Thomas, even after the infamous voicemail message made by her father in 2007, notes Yahoo!.