A local court in South Korea on Wednesday dismissed a suit filed by singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend that alleged she suffered a miscarriage due to physical assault by the actor, ruling in favor of the K-pop idol.

Kim’s ex-girlfriend, referred to only by her surname Choi, sued the actor for assault in August 2014. The charges were dropped after Kim apologized but he was tried and fined five million won (about $4600) in January the following year.

Choi later claimed that she was pregnant with Kim’s child and went on to sue him in April for 1.6 billion won in damages, citing emotional stress from the miscarriage of her first pregnancy in 2014. Kim filed a counter suit against his ex-girlfriend, saying she was actually not pregnant and alleged that she was spreading false rumors.

K-pop site Soompi reported that the presiding judge said: “Regarding the second pregnancy and question of miscarriage, while the plaintiff did visit an obstetrician to confirm pregnancy, the results could not be confirmed. Moreover, the plaintiff was asked to return for further tests after one week, but she did not return to the facility. On May 30, a date when [Choi] claimed she was pregnant, it was confirmed that she had been drinking with friends. While the plaintiff is contesting the drinking, there is a testimony in the plaintiff’s complaint that confirms it.”

The court also ordered her to pay 100 million won to Kim for defamation.

Last September, Choi gave birth to a baby boy, who was confirmed to be Kim’s son by a paternity test conducted at Seoul National University College of Medicine. Kim acknowledged the test and took full responsibility of the child, Yonhap News Agency reported.

The member of K-pop boy band SS501 has appeared in a number of Korean dramas like Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers and Inspiring Generation. He has been serving in the military since May last year as a part of the country’s compulsory service.