Controversy has come up with Kim Kardashian's latest magazine cover.

The reality television star was put on the cover of the Turkish version of Cosmopolitan, without her permission

Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness, though. TMZ reports that she put aside her problems with the magazine and has already agreed to do a brand new cover shoot.

TMZ reports that Kardashian struggled with the decision to work with Cosmopolitan again, because even though she has an amazing relationship with the magazine, she is passionate about her Armenian heritage and was disappointed that they put her on the cover of the Turkish version without her permission.

The cover is controversial because Kardashian is Armenian and Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians nearly 100 years ago.

Aram Hamparian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America was quoted in TMZ saying, It's disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey's genocide against the Armenian people. Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate tis readers about the Turkish government's shameful effort to cover up this atrocity.

TMZ reports that the Kardashian team and Cosmopolitan talked things out Monday and the star decided to forgive the magazine.