After ending 72 days of marriage with out-of-work NBA basketball player Kris Humphries at the end of October, Kim Kardashian is reaching the conclusion that she might have to give up her fairy tale romance dream.

I think I'll always be a hopeless romantic, the reality TV star told Glamour magazine. I believe in love and the dream of having a perfect relationship, but my idea of it has changed. I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that. I think I maybe need to just snap out of it and be a little more realistic.

Because of the marital strife, Kim, 31, seems to have given up the dream of becoming a mother.

That's how I feel. Maybe my fairy tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. I always wanted what Mom and Dad had. And at first, I was like, 'I want six kids,' Kim continued. Then I went down to four... and now I'm like, 'Maybe I won't have any.' Maybe I'll just be a good aunt. Kourtney, Kim's sister, has a son Mason with Scott Disick.

The fact (is) that what I want isn't possible, she added.

Kim's sister Khloe is comforting her, saying that Kim didn't know what their parents went through after they divorced as they were still young.

You don't know what Mom and Dad had. As an outsider looking in, it probably looked like paradise, Khloe said. Don't be dramatic all of a sudden!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got married after dating since last December. They got engaged in May and married on Aug. 20 in the presence of almost 500 celebrities. Their lavish wedding ceremony cost about $20 million, according to E!. However, they called off their marriage only 72 days later.

Kim also got married to producer Damon Thomas in 2000 but they divorced in 2004.

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