Twitter has had a strong reaction to Kim Kardashian’s appearance in her fiancé Kanye West’s new video “Bound 2.” The new mom went topless for the vid, where she straddles the 36-year-old rapper on a motorcycle. It got plenty of attention after the “Yeezus” star premiered his new song on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

[Click here to watch the "Bound 2" video] 

“It’s incredible to have a woman like that, that you know is not using you for money,” he told DeGeneres about Kim K, whom he proposed to on her 33rd birthday. “Her personality is so calming. And I don’t know if that’s the way people would describe my personality,” West quipped.  

“I’ll tell you, they would not,” DeGeneres shot back.

Kardashian gave birth to her daughter North nearly six months ago, and she has said on her “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” show that she wanted to get back in shape as soon as possible to prove to the world she would get her famous body back after being “fat-shamed” while pregnant.

The twitterati had lots to say about West’s new video. Some were quick to comment on the new blonde’s post-baby body:

Other’s couldn’t shy away from the sexual connotations of the videos:


Some even conjured up Ray J -- the fashionista’s ex-boyfriend with whom she made an infamous sex tape. The video was "leaked" in 2007, and is arguably how Kardashian shot to stardom. After she started dating West, Ray J released a new song, “I Hit It First,” which many believe is about the reality star. Many believed West made the new video to make the point that he was now with Kardashian, and the sex tape she has with Ray J is just a thing of the past. For others, seeing Kardashian in such a sexual manner again just reminded them of the infamous "leaked" tape.


There have been rumors that Kardashian's body was photoshopped for the video to make her look skinnier. Even though she said she lost 50 pounds after having her daughter through diet and exercise, her waist in the video appears suspicoulsy svelte.