Reality queen and social media maven Kim Kardashian West is sharing her Instagram secrets to her loyal followers via her personal app and website. While dishing out tips and tricks on posting the perfect caption, Kim could not help but defend herself from bashers who didn’t believe it when she said her daughter posted a racy photo of her earlier this month.

Three weeks ago, Kim posted a throwback photo of herself, wearing only a skimpy, sequined bikini. In the caption, she claimed that her daughter “accidentally” posted the photo. Many of her followers questioned how a 2-year-old could possibly post on Instagram. Furthermore, questions were also raised about how a very old (pre-smartphone) photo of the reality star, was readily available to post on her phone.

“No one believed me, but I swear North posted this—she's always following and unfollowing people on Twitter!” said Kim on her website. She also insisted that she decided to re-post the photo, after she instinctively deleted North’s accidental post. “I deleted it and then put it back up because why not, haha!!!,” she said.

While talking about her Instagram captions, Kim admitted that she often turns to her friends for help. She mentions her BFF Jonathan Cheban, and her sister Khloe Kardashian, in a list of people that help her get the right words to accompany her photos.

This isn’t the first time that North’s parents openly spoke about her prowess with gadgets, Kim’s husband Kanye West went on a twitter rant last month, stating that he had to deal with a series of in-app purchases after North was left to play with an iPad.