Kim Kardashian is reportedly so depressed about her alleged crumbling marriage to Kanye West that she’s turned to food to comfort her woes, Star magazine reports. The publication also claims West said their marriage was a “mistake.”

The Aug. Star features Kardashian in a light blue dress with arrows pointing to her alleged “fat” on her back and elbow. “Kim Alone & Binge Eating,” the cover reads. The mag says she is “too depressed to work out” and claims she gained 22 pounds.

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Kardashian famously divorced ex-husband Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage and now some think her latest marriage might suffer the same fate after a cover of InTouch Weekly claimed the reality star and West were going to split after 58 days of marriage.  

Celerbity Laundry noted West and Kardashian have not been photographed in public together since their luxurious wedding in Florence, Italy. The news site assumed the rapper was embarrassed to be seen with his wife and has abandoned their multimillion-dollar mansion in Bel Air to live in Paris without his partner and daughter North, who just turned 1.

Celebrity Laundry tried to verify Star magazine’s claim that Kardashian, 33, might have gained 22 pounds because she has not been showing off her body on social media. That might not be true though since she showed off a bikini picture on Instagram as recently as Thursday, and it does not appear in that image to have experienced a significant weight gain. 

The U.K.’s The Sun claimed the couple is experiencing difficulties because their priorities are apparently different. While the reality star wants to focus on their daughter, he is reportedly more concerned about finishing his album and has thus spent time away from his wife and child.

“Kanye has been working hard on the album for a lot of this year, but he’s known for cutting deadlines so it’s better if he can just put it out at the last minute,” a source told The Sun, via InTouch Weekly.

The reported strain in their marriage caused an argument, but the fashionista wasn’t afraid to stand up to the rapper. “Kim railed on Kanye, saying that since they’ve been married, he’s been away from her more than when he was single,” the source said.

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