Kim Kardashian charged nearly $1 million for appearing at the Revolve Hamptons House party for bloggers, Page Six reported Monday. The mother of two was also flown in and out by a private jet, the report added.

The 35-year-old reality television star was paid $700,000 to take selfies with Instagram stars over the weekend in the upscale Hamptons, Page Six reported. She posed with the social media stars for just over an hour and had 25 bodyguards to protect her at the event, the website said.

However, Kardashian’s representative refuted the claim that the socialite had a bunch of bodyguards for her.

“She had her regular security person with her — no one else. Any other security there was not arranged by her,” the representative told MailOnline.

Meanwhile, for the Hamptons event, Kanye West’s wife wore a beige body-hugging dress. She teamed the thigh-high dress with a pair of ripped denim boots from her husband’s Yeezy line.

Kardashian did her hair in a top bun and flashed peace signs at the cameras.