Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” took some time off from the fashion scene to review Kim Kardashian’s new book, “Selfish.” The coffee table book is a compilation of the reality star’s selfies and Gunn says he felt his “IQ plummeting” as he flipped through it.

The 61-year-old style critic sat down with Us Weekly in the publication’s headquarters in New York City last week. He didn’t hold back as he gave his opinions on Kardashian's photos.

"To all the young people out there in particular: Banish this and find an antidote to it. This is disgusting and vile. What if this is the only thing that survives in the time capsule?" said Gunn as he looked at a photo of Kardashian sticking her tongue out. The photos also elicited some facial expressions from Gunn. He found himself rolling his eyes at some of the captions. He sarcastically called Kardashian’s words “profound.”

A video posted alongside the report also shows Gunn acting like he’s about to throw up while Us Weekly’s Travis Cronin holds up the book. He also slammed the reality star for taking a selfie while driving. He called both the action and Kardashian herself illegal.

When he reached the racy section of the book, his jaw just dropped open and he couldn’t seem to find the right words to criticize the photos. He just said that it’s way too much information while staring down at the pages in disgust.

While Gunn is slamming Kim and her new book, not everyone seems to agree with him. The well-respected judge of “Project Runway” can’t deny that thousands of other people actually appreciate Kim’s efforts at self photography. In fact, just a week after its release, “Selfish” hit the best-seller list published by USA Today.